It was first known at Jalan Rahmat, Batu Pahat's Mobil during the 1970's. Mr Edmund William Vaz was professionally trained by ESSO Company Run Station as a car servicing specialist. After working for ESSO Company for about 5 Years, Mr. Edmund has decided to start his own business in order to expand his career. Thus, with the joined-forces of his elder brother, Mr. Peter Edward Vaz, Vaz Auto Centre was produced. All the Vaz Brothers is working in Vaz Auto Centre. It was Batu Pahat's first workshop to be fully equipted with the most advanced technologies such as Electronic Tuning Machine, On-Car Wheel Balancing, and On-Car Wheel Allignment. After being around for about 3 Years, Vaz Auto has started to be actively participating in Motorsports.

At the young age of 24 years old, Mr Edmund started his racing career. The first race for Team Vaz Racing was held in Batu Tiga Racing Circuit which is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On the very first race, Mazda RX-2 runing in Rotary Engine was used as an entree. Although they were without sponsors, they successfully modified and repaired the car single handedly. Of course, the difficulty still exist. They drove the race car from Batu Pahat to Kuala Lumpur. During their journey, they would tuned their race car. During those days, famous names such as Gary Chua, Harvey Yap, Kenneth Lee, and Yoong Ying Fah, who is Alex Yoong's father, were those commonly heard in the car racing arena. Surprisingly, our car managed to get top five finished in some of the races.
        After repairing cars in the petrol station for about 7 years, the Vaz Brothers decided to shift their workshop to jalan Jelawat, Taman Banang, Batu Pahat, Johor, so as to have a proper shop. That was then.
        Now, it was no longer known as Vaz Auto Centre. Instead, it was known as Vaz-Maz Rotary Performance. Now, Vaz-Maz was situated in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on account that Johor Bahru is a beter place for modifying cars and selling performance parts. It is now runned single handedly by Mr. Edmund. Drag race, which is far more interesting and lower costing than track racing, is the one and only motorsport that Team Vaz-Maz is active in. Mr. Edmund along with his team, travel around Malaysia to participate in drag races.